5 Amazing Functional Medicine Weight Loss Steps: Step 5

Step 5: The Golden Rule: Eat the Highest Quality Food you and find.

The Golden Rule is eat the highest quality most nutrient dense food you can find   Your focus should be on eating the most nutrient dense food that you can possibly eat.  Nutrient dense food comes best from whole unprocessed foods.  Nutrient dense food comes from the ground to your table and not from a factory.  Fast Food is not nutritious (as you know).  Fast Food is junk food.  It is mass produced and over processed stripping the food of any nutrient value and adding fillers and sugar to counteract the taste of all the preservatives to maintain shelf life.  After eating fast food, your body will be calling out for the nutrients it requires but the only word it knows is “hungry.”  Your body will call for more and more fast food to get the nutrients it requires, but as an unfortunate side effect of all these cheap calories your body will get fat from all the unwanted calories from the sugar and fillers found in fast food.