B12-Lipo Shots


Weight Loss with B12-Lipo Injections

Lipotropic B12 injections, which are sometimes referred as B12-Lipo shots, contain high doses of fat blasting compounds Methionine, Inositol, Choline (MIC) and a potent dose of B12. B12 provides high energy and increases metabolism. The results are often fast acting with individuals reporting 1-2 lbs the first day and up to 4-5 lbs in a week after starting B12-Lipo shots (results vary). Jump Start your weight loss today with a weekly program of LipoB12 Shots. The benefits are numerous:
1. Reduce Stored Fat
2. Enhanced Metabolism with Improved Fat Burning
3. Increase Energy Levels
4. Improve Function of the liver and Gallbladder
5. Preserve lean body tissue (muscle)
6. Rapid Onset of Action
7. Provide Superior Absorption of Essential Nutrients
8. Improve Liver Detoxification
9. Improve Mood and Mental Clarity


2 Responses

  1. L. Friend

    What payment plans and/ or insurance to you take for your weight loss program

  2. alvin antony

    Each insurance plan carries different benefits. Many clients have plans that allow for 1 or 2 preventative medicine weight loss consultations. If you call the office 252-316-8008, our staff will check and see if your plan has any benefits for an initial consultation. If you don’t have insurance benefits, there is a small initial consultation fee and the B12 lipo shots are inexpensive, but the shots are having some excellent results for many clients (results will vary). We will have someone from the office call you/email you with more concrete pricing. thanks for asking CMWL.ME