Oxidative Stress, Sunglasses and Green Sludge

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Oxidative stress is the “rusting” that happens in our bodies.  Oxidative stress happens as a result of free radical exposure, not the free radicals that live at Berkeley.  It is the cellular damage that we experience everydayantioxidant as a result of exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays and radiation, toxins like the ones found in tobacco smoke, and excessive calorie intake which creates even more free radicals.  If you have every seen an old lady who worshiped the sun, all those wrinkles are the result of oxidative stress and free radicals in the skin.  Free radicals are produced in our bodies as a byproduct of energy generation.  As our cells are making energy through the krebs cycle to make ATP which is the energy that our cells use, free radicals are created as a byproduct.  An easy way to think of it is like the sparks that come off an engine that is burning and using fuel. The sparks are the free radicals.  Free radicals are uncharged molecules that have an unpaired electron. These free radicals (unpaired electrons) are highly reactive and damage cellular membranes and DNA.  Excessive free radical exposure can lead to cancers.  Thankfully, our bodies have natural neutralizing mechanisms for these free radicals found in vitamins and minerals like Vit A and E, but we need to supplement our bodies defense against free radicals by consuming more anti-oxidants because let’s face it, in our modern society we don’t always eat the right things or exercise enough or wear enough sunblock.

Sunglasses: Healthy or Cool?




Now that you know what oxidative stress is, why are sunglasses so important.  Well, sunglasses are definitely healthy.  They block your eyes from UV light which creates free radicals in the eye.  These free radicals damage the lens of the eye leading to cataracts.  So, sunglasses can protect you from cataracts.  They are not just for the cool kids.


Green Sludge?

20160304_083720What about green sludge? Green sludge is not sludge at all, but a healthful green drink that can help you in the battle against free radicals.  It turns out that colorful fruits and vegetables like blueberries, broccoli and beats are packed with phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients get into the cells of our bodies and neutralize these harmful free radicals.  If you eat processed foods you don’t get any phytonutrients.  You can only get phytonutrients in unprocessed fruits and vegetables.  It is recommended that you eat 6 to 8 servings of colorful fruits and vegetables throughout the day. I must admit that it’s not always easy to eat that many servings of fruits and vegetables, but smoothies help increase my intake of fruits and vegetables.

A green drink in the morning can help in many ways. First, it increases your fiber intake which is very important to improve and maintain healthy gut bacteria and helps you poop as well. lol.  Green drinks are packed with phytonutrients and many essential vitamins and nutrients like Vit A and E which are natural free radical neutralizers.  Also, green drinks have a lot of the building blocks for the production of glutathione which is the body’s mega free radical killer.



This green drink was actually very tasty and was made with cucumber, broccoli, grapes, green apples, mint and lemon juice.  I mixed it up in a vitamix and voila!


Here is to your health people.




Remember: “If you don’t have your health, what do you really have.”

Alvin Antony BW

Alvin Antony, MD

Carolina Sports and Spine, PA